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Activity: Finger Writing
Finger writing is a good way to help children develop fine motor skills and begin to understand the formation of alphabet letters.

Goal: To progress from using scribbles to using letter-like symbols

Let's Get Started:
1. Place a piece of colored tape on the left side of a cookie sheet.

2. Spread a thin layer of sand or salt on a cookie sheet.

3. Have the child practice writing his or her name with their finger in the sand beginning at the tape and moving left to right.

4. Show the child how to quickly “erase” errors or to begin again by smoothing the sand with his or her hand or by gently shaking the tray to reposition the sand.
A variation of the activity is to place colored hair gel in a small zip locked plastic bag, seal it, and watch what happens when the child’s finger writes while the bag is lying flat on a table.

If using POCET, this Activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: LT 15 Progresses from Using Scribbles to Using Letter-Like Symbols.


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