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Activity: Daily Schedule
Routine is comforting to children and allows them to feel centered.

Goal: Display Confidence and Independence in a School Setting

Let's Get Started:
1. Using pictures of each stage of the daily routine (for example: circle time, snack time, learning centers, outdoor play, etc.), create a visual daily schedule.

2. Place the pictures in the schedule order for the day on a poster or on the circle time wall. You may want to place Velcro dots so that the pictures can be adjusted if the schedule changes.

3. Talk through the schedule with the children, reminding them they can refer to the daily schedule as a reminder of what activity is next.

4. You may want to remove each picture throughout the day as that activity is completed.

Helpful Hint: Some teachers find it useful to begin the school year with generic pictures of the daily activities. Soon after school begins, the teacher will replace the generic pictures with photos of the children in the classroom. Having pictures of children in the classroom provides the best reference for the group.

If using POCET, this Activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: SE 3 Expresses Feelings nad is Aware of How Actions Affect Self and Others.


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