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Literacy begins by immersing children in literacy-rich environments and fostering a love of language and reading. You can support young children’s emerging literacy skills by planning activities that involve discriminating sounds, identifying print, recognizing letters, developing a love of books, writing, and appreciation of the rhythm of language. These emergent skills will give the child a solid foundation to begin the reading process during this first year of school.

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness
  • Creates Rhyming Words Orally and Recognizing Beginning Sounds.
  • Recognizes Word Parts that Do or Do Not Rhyme.
  • Identifies Words with the Same Beginning Sound and Words with the Same Ending Sound.
  • Orally Blends Sounds and Word Parts to Make Words.
  • Segments Words into Word Parts and Phonemes.
  • Orally Manipulates Phonemes (sounds) in Words and Word Parts.

    Print Awareness and Vocabulary
  • Understands that Print Carries a Message.
  • Demonstrates Knowledge of the Elements of Print Within a Text.
  • Uses New Vocabulary Learned by Listening, Reading and Discussion.
  • Uses Structural Analysis and Context Clues to Determine Meanings of New Words.

    Beginning Reading
  • Understands the Relationship Between Letters and Sounds and Can Identify All 26 Letters and Match Their Accompanying Sounds.
  • Uses Phonetic Skills to Blend and Decode Words.
  • Begins to Spell Words Correctly.
  • Develops Reading Fluency with Grade Level Texts.

  • Can Identify the Purpose of Reading.
  • Uses Background Knowledge and Other Strategies to Comprehend Text.
  • Uses and Understands a Variety of Texts.

  • Correctly Forms Each Letter of the Alphabet and Begins to Write Words and Sentences to Communicate.
  • Begins to Blend Pictures and Writing to Convey Stories and Organized Thoughts.
  • Writes in Different Forms and Genres.
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