Carrot Top
An Activity for Preschoolers
Carrots are easy to watch grow, and are familiar to children.
To promote an appreciation of the natural world.

To demonstrate a growing capacity to maintain concentration over time on a task despite distraction and interactions.

Before You Start
Read the book The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss or The Giant Carrot by Jan Peck.
Let's Begin
1. Cut the end tips off several carrots. Place one of the carrots in glass half full of water.

2. In a second glass add 8-10 drops of red food coloring and a carrot tip.

3. Place both glasses in a sunny window for several days.

4. Cut the carrots in half and look inside. The one that was sitting in colored water should show the way water was absorbed. A carrot is really a taproot, like a radish and a parsnip.
Make a carrot salad by mixing carrot slivers with raisins or chunks of apples. Serve this salad at snack time.


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