Friendship Fruit Salad
An Activity for Preschoolers
When everyone pitches in, great things happen! One piece of fruit is nice, but a colorful salad full of different flavors is better. Your class will love building this salad from their contributions and enjoying the "fruits" of their labor with a special snack.
To compare and contrast the size, shape and color of different fruits.

To work cooperatively to achieve a goal.

Before You Start
Remind the class that the salad will taste the best if everyone contributes.

Send home an announcement that the children will be having a friendship salad and each needs to contribute one piece of large fresh fruit (apple, orange, banana, kiwi) or several pieces of smaller fruit (bunch of grapes, 6 strawberries, etc.)

Begin collecting the fruit a day or two before you plan on making the salad. Supplement fruit if needed.
Let's Begin
1. Discuss any unusual fruit that has been contributed. Star fruit, mango, papaya, kiwi may be new to many children.

2. With the teacher or parent helper, have each child prepare his/her fruit for the salad.

3. Make sure children wash hands first and follow rules for cutting and slicing.

4. Toss the salad and serve immediately, reminding the class that great things are possible when they work together!
You can use this same activity to build a stew. Use canned broth and have children contribute carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, etc. Cook on high in a large crock pot and serve with crackers.


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