Sorting Seashells
An Activity for Preschoolers
Seashells are always fascinating for preschool children. This activity teaches children about different kinds of seashells and helps children to develop their sorting and grouping skills.
To sort and classify objects by one or two attributes.

To observe similarities and differences.

Before You Start
If you are working with younger preschoolers, start with only two types of seashells.

Make a sorting tray by dividing a tray into sections with the colored tape. Create as many sections as you have different types of seashells.
Let's Begin
1. Have the children sort the seashells by similar characteristics such as size or shape. Place the groups into the tray.

2. Try sorting the shells by two attributes, e.g., small white shells or large brown shells.

3. Ask the children how many shells are in each group.
Repeat the activity again, but this time sort the shells from biggest to smallest or by texture – smooth shells and bumpy shells.


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