Hand Tracing
An Activity for Preschoolers
Hand tracing is a simple way to initiate gentle physical contact with children and spend a few moments interacting one on one.
To demonstrate increasing comfort in talking with and accepting guidance and directions.

To foster cooperative learning.

Before You Start
Explain to the children that they will be tracing the shape of their hands. During drawing time they will have the right hand traced by one teacher and the left hand by another teacher.
Let's Begin
1. Give each child paper and crayons to draw and color. As the children are coloring, move about the room to help with hand tracing.

2. Give each child simple instructions on where to place the hand, how to spread the fingers, etc.

3. Talk to each child about how it feels. Does it tickle?

4. Make sure each child has at least two different adults trace his hands.

5. Approach individual children and ask them to trace your hand as well.

6. Help the children write or dictate their name under the picture.

7. Hang the handprints on a classroom bulletin board.
Other body awareness activities include tracing bodies on large rolls of paper.


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