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    Sea Life (ages 3-8)
    After introducing a curriculum on sea life and fish, I had the children create a water scene using Colorations® Liquid Watercolors and fish stencils.
    By combining the painting project with the learning topic, children can comprehend the sea life concepts that were introduced.
    Let's Get Started:
    1. Pour the liquid paint colors into paint pallets. Add only the paint that the children will be using during each step.

    2. Have children paint a fish or whale in a bright color of his or her choice.

    3. Paint over the entire paper using the green, blue, and/or turquoise watercolors.

    4. Paint a strip of glue on the bottom of the paper.

    5. Sprinkle the colored sand over the glue.

    6. Add wiggly eyes to the fish.

    7. Now children have a portrait of their sea creatures!

    The picture will look as if the fish or whale is swimming through the ocean.

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